Calendar of Events

Meetings occur on the 2nd and 4th Monday, September through June*. July and August, we will hold one meeting per month (a critique night). All submittals should be digital images following the critique guidelines. Please submit digital entries by midnight Saturday before critique night.

*A few nights are off schedule, please see below for dates.

8/22/2022– critique night

  • Open (anything goes!)
  • Ceiling art (art you can find in a ceiling)
  • Feeling or emotion (your image should elicit a feeling or show/represent an emotion)

9/19/2022– Bedford Library workshop – print share and matting demo with Joe Drapeau (note: off regular scheduled day)

9/26/2022– critique night

  • Open (anything goes!)
  • Leading Lines
  • Moonlight

10/10/2022– NECCC Digital Critique

10/24/2022– critique night

  • Open (anything goes!)
  • PSA Nature
  • Combination of any type of fork(s), spoon(s), and knife(s)

11/14/2022– Bedford Library workshop TBD

11/28/2022– critique night

  • Open (anything goes!)
  • Rust or rusty
  • Visit a zoo and take  a picture of what is good and a picture of what you don’t think is so good, a short clip video can be used

12/12/2022– critique night

  • Open (anything goes!)
  • Any non-bird animal
  • PSA Portrait

12/26/2022– no meeting, Happy Holidays!

1/9/2023Tony Sweet presents “Compelling Composition, Isolate, and Simplify” – on zoom

1/23/2023– critique night

  • Open (anything goes!)
  • Color in winter
  • Running water

2/13/2023Dick provides image critique

2/27/2023– Critique Night

  • Open (anything goes!)
  • Creative abstracts
  • PSA Nature

3/13/2023“Abstracts” workshop with Bob Legg– on zoom

3/27/2023– critique night

  • Open (anything goes!)
  • Birds in flight
  • PSA Photojournalism

4/17/2023Caleb Hoover presents “Urban Wildlife Photography” – on zoom

4/24/2023– critique night

  • Open (anything goes!)
  • Road less traveled
  • PSA Creative

5/8/2023– workshop TBD

5/22/2023– critique night

  • Open (anything goes!)
  • Urban landscapes in the rain
  • PSA Photo travel

6/12/2023Wildlife Photography – African Safari, Katmai Bears, Oh My! With Ravi Sampath on zoom

6/26/2023– critique night

  • Open (anything goes!)
  • Silhouettes
  • Replaced sky

7/24/2023– Business meeting & critique night

  • Open (anything goes!)
  • Patterns in nature
  • Flowers

8/28/2023– critique night

  • Open (anything goes!)
  • Take a picture of anything  celestial  (e.g. see if you put your camera on a tripod with a long zoom lens you can capture Saturn on a clear night ) 
  • Black & white, with or without one added color
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